BBQs 2u: Your Right Choice for Planning a Perfect BBQ Night

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The majority of people in the UK prefer to shop from BBQs 2u, as they can find everything that they need for planning a BBQ party. At BBQs 2u, they sell the top products from reputed brands like Master built, Kamado Joe, Napoleon, etc.

The best products from various brands will be picked by the team of BBQs 2u to help their customers in creating the most amazing food. As all the models that you see at BBQs 2u are tested ones, you can happily buy them.

Kamado Joe BBQs

Kamado Joe – Classic Joe BBQs are available at attractive prices at BBQs 2u. Look at their prices and you will definitely get surprised. Kamado Joe BBQs are well known for their attractive look, affordable prices, and delicious food.

If you look at the various BBQs on market, you will understand that it is a little difficult to control their temperature. As a result, the food would be undercooked or overcooked.

You can avoid this problem by choosing the Kamado BBQs, as controlling the temperature is extremely easy when cooking. You can enjoy the perfectly cooked food with the Kamado Joe BBQs.

By choosing the Kamado BBQs, you can try to experiment with different dishes and cuisine. From tandoori chicken to barbecue chicken, you can prepare the most delicious meat on them. The BBQs from Kamado are pretty easy to clean and maintain.

Kamado Joe – Classic II BBQs

Whether it is Classic I or Classic II or Classic III, all of them have very thick walls. Due to these thick walls, the Classic series BBQs are extremely good at heat retention and heat reflection.

Although the chamber construction of the Kamado Joe Classic I and Classic II is quite similar, you can observe some differences between them in the way that their firebox, lid, and gasket are designed. The classic II BBQs are very easy to use.

They are also a perfect choice for outdoor cooking, especially if you are planning to get together with your friends. As the classic II models is known for quick cooking, you can easily serve food for more number of people.

Classic I Vs Classic II

When it comes to the Classic II model, you can observe an upgraded top vent. And, this top vent is made with cast aluminum that has been powder coated. Due to this, it is water and mold resistant.

The top vent of this model now contributes to more reliable airflow generation. As a result, cooking is simpler, and you can more easily maintain the desired cooking temperature.

The lid’s gasket has been improved to create a perfect airtight seal. A more durable material has been used in the making of the lid’s gasket of Classic II compared to Classic I. The firebox of the Classic I has undergone remodeling to become a 6-piece firebox, enhancing its elasticity when subjected to greater temperatures.

This significantly increases its capacity to tolerate heat without the issues like breaking or cracking.

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